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Links & Other References

A person studying circumcision will quickly realize that there are sincere people holding both strong pro circumcision and strong anti circumcision views. There are likely individual differences between men's penises, that account for some of this. Some men will maximize the sensations of intercourse with a foreskin, others without a foreskin. Full Head Sex is the best way for a man to determine which is best for him. Once a man experiences sex both with a foreskin and with Full Head Sex, he can decide whether to have a circumcision.

Following are links to both points of view:

Pro Circumcision:

CircList - this is a very graphic site loaded with testimonials and photos -

Anti Circumcision:

CIRP - this is a comprehensive site loaded with information -

Circumcision Various:

Tara Klamp circumcision -

Male Sexual Wellspring Center