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Questions to ask Surgeon

This section is not intended for men who have a serious problem with their foreskin, such as balanitis, phimosis, etc.  If you have a serious problem, please consult your doctor.

This section is intended for men who are considering having a circumcision, in order to increase the sensations that they experience during intercourse.


  1. What are the potential risks and complications of being circumcised as an adult?   Are they greater at my age?
  2. Will the sensations of intercourse be similar after being circumcised to what I experience now by taping back my foreskin?
  3. What circumcision technique to you prefer for adults? 
  4. What part of the foreskin do you typically remove?
  5. Describe the surgery itself, and the recovery period?
  6. How long after surgery before sex can resume?
  7. How noticeable is the scar after one month?  After one year?
  8. How many adult circumcisions do you perform each year?  (This is a key question.   If the surgeon doesn't perform at least five per year, get a circumcision elsewhere.)
  9. Is there anything that you noticed about my foreskin, that should influence my decision on whether to be circumcised?

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