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Adult Circumcision - Research Study

The mission of the Male Sexual Wellspring Center is to promote the study of how men can realize their maximum sexual fulfillment.  The center needs the following:

  1. Email from men sharing tips that they have learned to improve their sexual fulfillment from sex with a female partner.  This could include: better tapes, better ways of using or applying tape, other ways to hold back the foreskin, lubricants that don't decrease the rubbing sensations, etc.
  2. Email from men describing sex before and after circumcision.
  3. Email from men with the completed Adult Circumcision Research Study table copied in.  This will be valuable in getting scientific research started.
  4. If completing the entire Research Study is too difficult, then sending an email of just the Part 4 Summary section would still be helpful.
  5. Scientific Research under controlled conditions to test various hypotheses.  This step is very important in order to form valid conclusions.

Send email to
If confidential, put "Confidential-Director MSWC" on the email header, and only the Director of the Male Sexual Wellspring Center will read the contents.

Male Sexual Wellspring Center